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was waiting to take off for japan when asiana flight 214 came crashing in just a few hundred feet away. a united first officer posted a detailed account of what happened next. he says, "we heard much confusion and quick instructions from sfo tower. we realized within a few moments that we were apparently unharmed so i got on the p.a. and instructed everyone to remain seated and that we were safe. a short time later the pilot told if that there appeared to be survivors on the right side of the runway and they needed to send assistance. the pilot wrote, it took a long time for the survivors to get help even passengers on the nearby united plane expressed the same concerns to him. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> a former sfo air traffic controller says the tower did everything right when flight 214 crash-landed. bill pong tells kpix 5 he has had nightmares about something like that happening. he retired just days before the crash after 26 years on the job. he side he never saw a plane coming into sfo the way asiana flight 214 did. >> they don't come in short. they recogni
. the pilots of asiana flight 214 were not tested for drugs or alcohol after the accident. we also found out the two flight attendants were actually thrown, ejected, from the plane at impact. the coroner ned the parents of 16-year-old ye ming yaun -- informed the parents of 16-year- old ye ming yaun has she may have been run over by responding emergency -- that she may have been run over by responding emergency vehicles. investigators want to know if something went wrong with the auto throttle equipment similar to cruise control. kpix 5's allen martin explains how pilots depended on it to maintain the proper speed for landing. >>> reporter: the crew told investigators they set the plane's auto throttles to 137 knots then assumed they would maintain the correct speed. >> we have a flying pilot and we have two other pilots that are in the cockpit and they have a monitoring function. one of the very critical things that needs to be monitored on an approach to landing is speed. >> reporter: three pilots were in the cockpit at the time of the crash. the flying pilot, the one who was training, was
developt s surrounding the asiana airline's crash. the airline says the pilot at the controls had only 43 hours of flying time on the boeing 777 as it was his first time landing that type of plane at sfo. investigators say the pilot tried to abort the landing 1.5 seconds before impact. flight data shows the approach speed was significantly slower than what was needed to land. >> we're awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine if one of the victims was killed by a rescue vehicle on the run way. 30 people remain in the hospital. 2 people are paralyzed. let's take a live look at the wreckage which is expected to remain on the tarmac for at least a week now as they continue to investigate. run way will remain closed while the wreckage is still there. cate caugurian is over at sfo this morning. the investigation is revealing very vivid details about the final seconds right before that crash. >> reporter: good morning, frank. we are learning this morning that the pilot of the controls of the boeing 777 was a veteran flyer. as you mentioned, asiana airlines said he had never driven into th
of united flight 885. they were waiting to take off for japan when asiana flight 214 came crashing in just a few hundred feet away. a united first officer posted his own account of what happened next. we heard much confusion and quick instructions from sfo tower. we realized within a few moments that we apparently were unharmed, so i got on the p.a. and instructed everyone to remain seated and that we were safe. a short time later that pilot told sfo tower there appeared to be survivors on the right side of the runway and they needed to send assistance. the pilot wrote, it took a long time for help to get to the survivors. even passengers aboard the nearby united plane expressed the same concern to him. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> security at the crowne plaza tight this morning. that's where the victims' families are staying at this hour. federal authorities have taken control to protect the family. , survivors and crew. only hotel guests are allowed into the parking lot. some guests who actually had reservations were told to find somewhere else to stay. >> i said, i'm a member of the media
:00 this morning. >>> the wreckage of asiana flight 214 is still out on the tarmac at sfo. it's alongside run way 28 left. that's where it came to rest after saturday's crash landing. the focus of the investigation of the crash will be on the pilot. ntsb investigators will continue interviewing all four pilots today and reviewing pilot training, work histories and any incidents of pilot fatigue leading up to the crash. the ceo of asiana airlines is expected to arrive in san francisco later today. >>> we're learning more about the final seconds of the decent. joe vasquez with more. >> reporter: as asiana flight 214 on approach 17 miles from sfo, the engines were working and no indications of any problems. >>> until the final seconds when the crew began to realize the plane was dramatically slowing down going about 40 miles per hour when they should have been. at 7 seconds before impact, a member of the flight crew called for the pilot to speed up. 4 seconds before the controls started to shake. the pilot tried to change his mind about 1.5 seconds before the crash. he tried to abort the landing but
're following several developt s in the asiana airlines crash at sfo. the airline ceo says the pilot at the controls was getting on the job training when it went down. we also learned the south korea government will inspect the landing equipment on all boeing 777 planes owned by asiana and korean air. >>> and waiting an autopsy to see if one of the crash victims was killed by a response vehicle. >>> this is a live look. the wreckage will probably be there all week as investigators go over the scene. and that means the run way is still closed. we have live team coverage this morning. sue kwon is gathering new information. we begin with cate caugurian at sfo on the latest in the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. we are learning that the pilot in control of that boeing 777 was a veteran flyer but never driven a plane like that before. we do have new video from the ntsb for you. the airline admits the pilot was in training for this type of plane. the pilot only had 43 hours flight time with the boeing 777. investigators also reveal the pilot struggled with the aircraft.
to describe the high number of survivors for asiana flight. >> two young girls lost their lives, 225 passengers survived. talked with experts who say it's the result of good triage and new construction standards for aircraft. >> oh, my god. oh, it's an accident. >> the crash of asiana flight 214 happened unexpectedly even the trained crew was taken by surprise. passengers were able to get out and passenger benjamin levy told reporters he thinks he knows why. >> what saved so many lives is there was no fire immediately. >> that's exactly right. >> you had a situation where we had flame retardant materials and that contributed to the fact the cabin didn't light off as quickly. >> kevin hiatt says as chilling as it may look, these seats actually also saved lives. >> now with the new seats and the new fast eners and stronger floors, those seats now stay in place. >> now, take the time to check the safety card in front of you. excellent. >> and believe it or not, he says new in flight training videos make a big difference too. >> become a lot more interesting as i would say and the passen
arrives today and families of the crash victims arrived overnight. >>> the wreckage of asiana flight 214 is still out on the tarmac. appears to be blocked behind trucks and other barriers alongside run way 28 left. we have team coverage. cate caugurian is at sfo with new details about the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. we are expected to get those new details we're told at this afternoon's news conference. at this point we have more questions than answers. as far as the investigation goes, we know that they will be interviewing two more pilots again today. we know both u.s. and korean investigators sat with two pilots last night. why was asiana flight 214 approaching sfo at such a slow speed when it crashed? the plane was going nearly 40 miles per hour below the recommended speed. by the time the crew tried to abort the landing, it was too late. this morning ntsb investigators wasted into time to continue the quest for answers. >> our team is out on scene. they arrived early this morning to get to work. again, they've been documenting the debris path starting at the
wrong. two people died, more than 180 were injured on saturday after this plane asiana flight 214 crashed upon landing here at sfo. yesterday there was a visit from two of our congressional delegates here at the site, nancy pelosi and jackie speier. they say the carnage that exists here on the fuselage is horrific. they are praising the ntsb and first responders for their dealings with the crash thus far. >> thank god that fewer lives that more lives were not lost. so sad for those that were. just how fragile life is and here's this plane that came down in san francisco. >> i have had much too much experience unfortunately having to deal with explosions in san bruno and now this is at the airport and the ntsb has just shown that they are an incredible partner. >> reporter: now, the plan was for the ntsb to cut up and store the remainder of the plane's fuselage in a secure location here in the bay area and then the feds were going to save some of the pieces to be taken to washington, d.c. for further analysis. but still waiting to find out more information on this fire overnight an
is facing and will bring you the latest in the search efforts. >> asiana flight 214 is in the process of being moved right now. we'll have the very latest on the investigation. >> starting with plenty of low clouds and fog in spots. sunshine in others. what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and traffic is lighter than normal at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're also watching a couple of accidents. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes. >> thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. friday has arrived. july 12, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. let's check on our weekend forecast. >> guys, going to look good around the bay area at least in some spots. i think at the coastline we may see plenty of fog but out there now in the valleys in the interior from our mount vaca cam you have a lot of sunshine there. still some gray skies filtering into the bay at this hour and the temperatures holding mainly in the 50s outside. so if you are stepping out there now, you will see some cool temperatures into santa rosa. 52. 55 in
area and they searched around the oakland estuary near the airport. >>> survivors of the asiana flight 214 returning to the crash site to honor the victims. tour buses took them to the site yesterday. many were all dressed in white a traditional sign of mourning in asian culture. clean-up crews are picking up the debris that still litters the runway. they are removing small pieces of the plane not needed for the investigation. but it's unclear when the bulk of that wreckage will be removed. >>> 911 calls are painting a chaotic picture on 28-left as dozens of passengers called for help thinking rescuers somehow missed them. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez with the frantic calls. >> hello? >> hello? >> hi, we are at the san francisco international airport and we just got in a plane crash. a lot of people need help. if there's any way an ambulance could be set. >> are you with a lot of the ambulances that are there? >> no they are not. we have people over here who weren't found and they're burned really badly. >> reporter: as time goes by the passengers grow more emotional while firefighters
around the clock to clean up the wreckage of asiana flight 214. airport managers hope to have runway 28 left open by the weekend. on sunday ntsb will cut up and store the remainder of the plane's fuselage in a secure location in the bay area. feds will save pieces to be taken to washington, d.c. for further analysis. investigators say the engines and the automatic flight controls were all working normally before saturday's crash. the pilot told them that he saw a flash of light but it did not affect his vision. congresswoman jackie speier posted these new photos on facebook last night after she toured the crash site with house minority leader nancy pelosi. both california lawmakers say they were impressed by the work of the first responders and the ntsb. >> the carnage that exists at that fuselage is horrific. and we are so grateful that so many lives were saved and that our first responders were there to make sure that they got out when they did. >> it was emotional. but what is impressive to me is that as emotional it was for us to just arrive and see it after carrying it in our heart
on the scene. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this situation is still fluid. last night asiana did fly in the first of family members. 10 from korea and 12 coming from china. these parents are not speaking to the media. we are hearing more about those heroic efforts from the first responders. what we're hearing is that inside the plane, emergency slides inflated trapping people inside. emergency crews worked with the flath attendants -- flight attendants. firefighters knocked down flames all while freeing elderly children trapped. police officer jim cunningham on scene. he had no breathing tank and rescued several people going in and out as the cabin filled with smoke. >> i couldn't let those people be in there by themselves. they weren't screaming but moaning inside the plane. and had a helpless look on their face. i wasn't going to leave them inside there. >> reporter: now, it is assumed that the parents will go to the coroner's office to identify the loved ones. ye meng yuan and wang lin jia. they were the two students who were killed during this accident. the parents did receive a
of asiana flight 214 in a caravan of buses. the pilot landing the plane told investigators he was blinded by light just 34 seconds before the plane crashed on to a san francisco runway. federal investigators also say moments after impact, a pilot told a flight attendant not to evacuate passengers. >> the pilots indicated that they were working with air traffic control. >> reporter: the evacuation finally got under way 90 seconds later when a fire was spotted outside. investigators are looking into the plane's auto throttle system which is like a car's cruise control to help pilots may tain speed. the pilot in training told investigators he thought the auto throttles were set to the proper landing speed. but the plane was moving too slowly. >> there are two pilots in the cockpit for a reason. and if they are using automation, a big key is to monitor. >> reporter: investigators are also trying to determine why two emergency evacuation slides deployed inside the plane trapping two flight attendants. six of the flight attendants on board appeared together yesterday to offer their prayers to t
morning. we'll hear more of the dramatic 911 calls from passengers aboard asiana flight 214. plus, she has been the round the clock face of the crash investigation since the moment it happened. ntsb chair deborah hersman has a fascinating story. the married mother of three lived in jordan and spain before working in politics on capitol hill. you will learn all about her plus why her way of doing things is bringing praise and scrutiny. the news is back in the morning, frank and michelle. we'll see you at 7:00. >> anthony, we talk to her every morning and she is very meticulous, you can tell, and very detailed and forthcoming with all the details. >> i had lunch with a friend just yesterday, i bet we spent 15 minutes just talking about her. we googled her to get her information. she is so impressive. so we look forward to that all coming up at 7:00. >> reporter: see you then. >> sounds good. thank you. >>> a live look inside the george zimmerman murder trial in sanford, florida. both sides are expected to give their closing arguments today. i believe they are on recess right now. zimmerman i
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15